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List of A/L GIT Post Links

GIT Online Exam  சார்ந்த அனைத்து  பதிவுகளின் இணைப்புகள்.   Abbreviations & Acronyms Tech-Terms Tamil-English GIT Year-End Test 2021 NWP MS-Word Exercise (Diagnostic Test 2021 Wayamba) HTML tags for GIT online Exam (pdf) GIT Online Exam offline Version installation using DVD (Video) GIT Online Exam Offline Version (Live USB) installation(Video) HTML for …

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GIT Online Test – DBMS Exercise 1

Download the database file Database Management System (DBMS) Start the Database software. Set up the following database with the file name : Lawyer Field Name Data Type REF NO Text LAWYER Text CLIENT NAME Text DAY Text TIME Date/Time PREVIOUS VISITS Number Note: The TIME and PREVIOUS VISITS should be …

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