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List of A/L GIT Post Links

GIT Online Exam  சார்ந்த அனைத்து  பதிவுகளின் இணைப்புகள். GIT Competencies OL ICT Text Book Grade 10 Data and Information OL ICT Text Book Grade 10 Fundamentals of a Computer System OL ICT Text Book Grade 10 Number System & Data Representation OL ICT Text Book Grade 10 Logic Gates OL ICT …

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GIT Online Test – DBMS Exercise 1

Download the database file Database Management System (DBMS) Start the Database software. Set up the following database with the file name : Lawyer Field Name Data Type REF NO Text LAWYER Text CLIENT NAME Text DAY Text TIME Date/Time PREVIOUS VISITS Number Note: The TIME and PREVIOUS VISITS should be …

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